Fenland Flyer 2017


The Pike Fly Fishing Association (PFFA) held their annual Fenland Flyer on the 21st October 2017 and with storm Brian bearing down on the country it was going to make for a blustery event.  Despite this, sixteen anglers from across the country made the trip to the Fens for what has become the club’s most popular event since it’s inception in 2001.   This year’s main sponsor was “John Norris Fishing Tackle and Shooting” of Penrith and with some good prizes up for grabs it was sure to be a fiercely contested event.

The rules of the event are simple.   The fishing takes place between 8:30am and 4pm.  You have to get the weight of each fish caught verified by another member fishing the event and the person with the highest combined weight wins.

In total 35 fish were caught and the event was won by Martin Smith with 5 fish for a combined total of 37lb 6oz.  As winner Martin chose the Guideline RSi 9′ #9 fly rod, donated by John Norris, as his prize and has already christened it taking a number of Pike from his local water.  He describes the rod as “Having a lovely action, with a really nice progressive bend with loads of power in reserve for bigger fish.”

Martin with one of his winning fish.

The PFFA would like to extend their warmest thanks to John Norris for their support of the Fenland Flyer 2017.