About us

Pike Fly Fishing Association

Pike Fly Fishing Association was founded in the mid ‘90s’ with Founder Peter Jones at the helm, followed by Paul Clydesdale 2015 to 2019 & now myself Stuart Watson taking up the mantle; 2019 onwards.

When we first established in 2000, the club at the time was the only dedicated Pike fly fishing club in the world with members from Canada, Denmark, France and the UK. The aim of the club still remains to promote the care, conservation of Pike through the responsible management of fisheries, Education of new Fly anglers themselves and to encourage good angling practice in relation to the sport of fly-fishing for Pike throughout the UK & the world.

In recent years with the help of Vision fly fishing, Kanal Gratis & Fly Vs Jerk (You Tube reality competition) the exposure of Fly fishing for pike has gained massive popularity and has become the modern, young, trendy side of Fly Fishing!

Slowly we are changing people’s views of fly fishing from not only being for select few out in the countryside fishing for Trout & Salmon in their tweed suits but to anyone picking up a 9# fly rod a box of pike flies and heading the local lake, river, drain or reservoir and having some adrenaline charged fun chasing the mighty Esox! As a club we are putting a high premise on helping our newcomers that want to try fly fishing for Pike, we are introducing a specific buddy fishing program on the 2020 events and competitions for this very reason. Our experienced pike fly anglers will be buddied up for a day out on the water with a newcomer to give them help with watercraft, casting, leader set up etc with the hope that they have great success and continue to use the fly rod.

We now proudly boast club sponsorships with market leaders such as Vision fly fishing, Deercreek Fly Tying Materials and Ahrex hooks. Due to the fantastic support of international sponsors such as these the club is growing year on year!

Advantages list:
  • Access to the Members only Facebook Group.
  • Access to the Archived Members only Forum if Social Media isn't your thing.
  • Great prizes from club sponsors.
  • Being able to tap in to the vast knowledge & experience of members.
  • Great social events both Members only & open events.
  • Anglng Trust affiliate club


Download/print the clubs flyer to put in your local tackle shop.