Midlands RO

Dean Barker

Pike Fly Fishing Association Midlands RO

I grew up in a Bedfordshire village on the banks of the Great Ouse, starting in the usual way catching bull head with my hands (and catching a thick ear for going home soaking wet) progressing to chasing big chub and barbel in the summer and pike in the winter. Later I got drawn into the shiny lights of the carp scene which evolved into disillusionment with the whole sport of fishing, it had lost its magic that i remembered from my youth. Then along with a friend I discovered fly fishing for trout (something id only dabbled with in the past), something clicked this was more like it, i was actually hunting fish again, trying to outwit a wiley foe. Fishing was enjoyable again but stocked trout didn't quite tick all the boxes, something was missing. One day while fishing on Grafham water i saw another boat casting out these huge flies, a quick word at the end of the day and I find that they had been going for pike! And catching them! On a fly rod! This was it, this was something i had to have a go at, so with some research and some shopping I had the basics to give it a go, halfway through the day it happened , some prehistoric behemoth was following my fly, my heart was in my mouth, adrenaline was coming out my ears..... as she turned away. That was it i knew this fly fishing for pike was for me, but I needed help, I didn't really have a clue what i was doing and I was desperate to convert that follow into a take. Back on the internet and i found this group called the PFFA.