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PFFA Affiliates with Prince Albert Angling Society

14 may 2021

I am delighted to announce the PFFA have affiliated with The Prince Albert Angling Society, Dating back to 1954 the PAAS has grown to be arguably the largest and most successful angling club in Europe with well over 220 waters. I have been a member of the PAAS from many years and I cant say enough good things about them, Check out their website and waters . I guarantee if their waters are in your area you'll want your name on the waiting list! It will be brilliant for us to work together to promote Pike Fly Fishing and most importantly the care and safe handling of our beloved Esox Lucius. Stay safe all Stuart PAAS more info

PFFA joins Angling Trust

13 nov 2019

More great news for our club! I’m pleased to inform you that the PFFA is now officially a Angling Trust Affiliated club. This is a great step forward for our club and will really help grow us even further! We are just shy of 200 members as it stands which is amazing but with growing numbers comes extra responsibilities for myself and the committee. joining the Angling Trust we were give an option to purchase their own Club Insurance which protects the PFFA from claims in the future. However as I am sure you will all appreciate this has come at a cost, Myself and Mark Tredgett made the decision to absorb these cost for the 2020 insurance cover from the clubs savings as to not affect the membership fees for next year. This does however mean that we must take this extra cost into consideration for 2021 memberships, it will not be a dramatic increase but I felt it prudent to communicate our plans to you all beforehand. Tight lines & Best regards, Stuart Angling Trust


PFFA President

04 Nov 2019
Well the good news just keeps coming with the PFFA. As I am sure you are all aware most clubs have a President as well as a Chairman but in recent years this has not been the case with our club, with the somewhat scary man hunting skills of Babs Craig we re-established communication with the founder of the club Peter Jones who we had the pleasure of on the Fenland Flyer this past weekend. I took the opportunity to ask Peter if he would be interested in being more involved with the club once again in a Presidential capacity. I am very pleased to announce he has gladly accepted, Peter is over the moon to see that the club is so strong whilst holding onto the core values that he instilled in the club upon its creation.

The clubs growth in the past month is breath taking and shows no sign of slowing down, as a committee we are committed with the support of Peter to make the PFFA the Pike fly club that everybody wants to be a part of!

Stuart Watson PFFA Chairman.

Thank You Paul

30 sep 2019

Our very own Scotland RO Dougie Loughridge met up with our ex-chairman Paul Clydesdale today to present him with a little red gift from the management team and PFFA members as a thank you for many years of hard work and dedication to our great club. I’m sure you will all join me in wishing our good friend all the best in his future angling adventures, I’m sure we will be seeing some great pics of that amazing Vision Granddaddy bent double into a monster Pike very soon! Tight Lines mate, goes without saying but you are always welcome at any PFFA event!

Paul Clydesdale retires from PFFA!

23 sep 2019

Guys,the times come for me to move on 🙂 I’ve decided to retire as chairman and leave the club,along with Simon Brough.In doing so we have juggled the management team around slightly to give the club the best possible chance to progress forward. Stuart Watson will be taking over from me a chairman. Rodney Wevill as England RO. Mark Tredgett as treasurer. Babs Craig will look after the website/social media. Guy Eldridge will be organising the fenland flyer. Paul McTaggart will continue as membership secretary. Dougie Loughridge as Scotland RO and Jethro Binns as wales RO. I would like to thank everybody for their support over the years,it’s a great wee club 🙂 and wish the management team all the best for the future......over and out. Paul



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